Rules & Regulations

2018 – 2019

ARRIVAL: Upon arrival in the park ALL persons must check in at the Office. If the Office is closed, please call the phone number listed on the door (928-783-8414) and the person on duty will help you. Someone will accompany all RV’s to their space. NOTE: No RV parking after dark. Individuals renting a unit must check in at the Office to Register, receive a copy of the Rules and pay any fees due.

RENT: Check-out time is Noon for all daily, weekly and monthly rentals. All rent is payable in advance. Subleasing is permitted only with a signed Management/Owner Rental Agreement. Rents and Deposits are NOT transferable or refundable. Your children or other family members or friends MAY NOT use your unit in your absence unless you have written permission from Management. A signed Rental Agreement is required for those renting mobile home spaces.   Unit owners must provide the Management with the Name(s)of the Renters, their Arrival Date and their Departure Date prior to their arrival date or the Renters will not be allowed access to the unit.

GUESTS: All guests, staying overnight, whether visiting a mobile home or RV unit, must be registered at the Office upon arrival. Guests must wear a Guest Badge while in the park. There is a $5 fee for the Guest Badge which will be refunded when The Guest Badge is returned to the Office. Guests must reside only in the unit they are visiting and cannot sleep in a vehicle parked in the driveway. Sleep-in type units (trailers, motor homes, vans, etc.) CANNOT be parked in your driveway after dark. Only those guests registered to stay in the park may attend park functions. The Guest Fee is $2.50 per person per day plus tax

CHILDREN: Are welcome for a short visit only and must be registered in the Office. Children under 12 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Pool Hall at any time.   Children can use the swimming pool complex during specified hours as noted under POOL RULES. Children cannot stay overnight unless they are staying in an owner-occupied unit.

QUIET TIME: Quiet time is 10:00pm to 7:00am.

WATER AND SEWER: Friendly Acres has its own septic system so please, no wet-strength paper, etc. in the system. Only one-ply tissue is recommended. Please do not flush paper towels as they will not disintegrate. All water and sewer problems should be reported to the Office immediately. DO NOT attempt to tighten or replace park water faucets. NOTE: There will not be any washing machines added to any unit (mobiles or RV’s) without an approval from management.

PETS:  Pets must be kept on a leash when outside of the unit. DO NOT allow your pet to “take care of business” anywhere except in the dog park or out side of the park on the canal walk.  

DO NOT allow your dog to bark or disturb the neighbors or leave your animal alone in your unit if there is a chance your pet will cause a disturbance. All pets must be kept in the unit at night. If, you are asked to correct a pet problem and you do not do so, you will be asked to remove the pet from the park. Two (2) small pet’s under 30 lbs, service animals or therapy animals are allowed in an owner-occupied unit. Pets are not allowed in rental units.

POOL COMPLEX: Pool hours are from 8:00am to 9:00pm. The pool is for residents and registered guests only. Registered guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a park resident while using any of the pool facilities. NO children under the age of FOUR can use any of the pool facilities and NO children under the age of 18 can use the hot tubs. Pool complex hours for children under age 18 are from 11:30am to 1:00pm during the season. Guest badges should be carried to the pool complex when registered guests plan to use the facilities. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that your guests understand the rules. We do not allow diving, running, jumping or rowdiness in the pool complex. NO alcohol or glass containers are allowed in the pool complex.

PORTABLE CANOPY SUN SHADES: May be set up on your site for a party, dinner, etc. however, they CANNOT be left up indefinitely and must be taken down the morning after the function. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by Management.

RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL: If a Tenant is selling their unit and the buyer plans to move that unit out of the park the Landlord reserves the Right of First Refusal to purchase that unit at the price that was agreed to with the prospective buyer. The Landlord has ten (10) days to exercise The Right of First Refusal.

REMOVE UNIT FROM THE PARK: Tenants or their successors in interest may remove their Unit from the Park as provided in ARS §33-2105. The Tenant must provide the Park with a request for Clearance of Removal not less than thirty (30) days prior to move out. Tenant must designate a person or entity that will be responsible for the move out. If this responsible party is not a licensed contractor by the Registrar of Contractors or Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety, a move out deposit or surety bond of $500 must be given to and held by the Park. The deposit will be returned if the space is left clean and free of any type trash. All holes and depressions must be filled in and the space level to the adjoining spaces. If fill dirt/gravel is needed Tenant is responsible for supplying the materials.

SITE MAINTENANCE: Each Tenant shall maintain his/her space, home and all improvements (including the maintenance and trimming of all shrubbery, trees and landscaping) to reflect a clean, attractive and well-kept appearance always. If the space is not maintained properly Management will issue an appropriate notice and if not corrected Management may correct the condition and charge accordingly.

  • A. Tenant shall maintain all accessories and structures attached to or attached thereon in good condition and repair. This obligation includes the replacement of any such items which are missing or damaged to the point that they cannot be repaired and the repainting of the home and improvements when they are reasonably in need of repainting.
  • B. All concrete, asphalt and other surfaces on the space shall be kept clean and maintained free of oil drippings, grease, other debris and kept in good repair and condition.
  • C. If you have bushes, plants, etc. that grow rapidly and require maintenance year round it is the Tenant’s responsibility to maintain them or make arrangements for someone to maintain them in your absence.
  • D. Plantings may not be removed or added without prior approval of Management.
  • Do not park in any other space without prior authorization from Management. Visitor’s must park in guest parking. On-street parking is not permitted because streets are to be kept clear for emergency and service vehicles. DO NOT park on cement patios and DO NOT leave the engine running on unattended vehicles.
  • All units left for the summer are required to be skirted and a copy of your title is required in the Office before you leave.
  • Please provide the Office with a “working key” for emergencies.
  • If you plan on being away from the park for more than a day please notify the Office in advance in case an emergency arises in your absence.
  • The main restrooms, located by the Recreation Hall, are open 24 hours a day except for posted cleaning times.
  • Laundry Room hours are posted on the Laundry Room door. The laundry is for residents only. Please do not leave your laundry unattended as it will be removed at the end of the cycle. Pet bedding, dyeing clothes, patio rugs, etc. are NOT to be washed or dried in the laundry equipment. All machines accept U.S. coins ONLY. Using a foreign coin will cause the machines to malfunction. Individual clothes lines are not authorized on your site. ONLY swimwear and beach towels may be dried on your patio. Please be considerate and not use more than three washers at a time. Anyone tampering with laundry machines will not be allowed to use the
  • Bingo and all other activities and facilities are for residents only unless otherwise posted. If you are not sure about an event, ask at the Office before extending an invitation to friends.
  • The speed limit, in the park, is 10 MPH OR LESS. Speed limit will be strictly enforced for all type of vehicles.
  • Newspaper delivery can be subscribed to by calling the Yuma Daily Sun at 928-539-6900.
  • Residents may pick up a decal, from the Office, that can be placed on the driver’s side of the windshield of your vehicle. Vehicles without a park decal may be questioned.
  • If you plan to sell your unit please inform the Office before you advertise. Interested buyers must be interviewed by Management PRIOR to purchase. When purchasing a unit, in the park, the new owner is required to provide the Office with copy of the title for our files.
  • Phone service can be obtained by calling 928-782-3063. When you receive your phone please provide the Office with the number so we can update our files.
  • As a matter of courtesy stay on paved roads PLEASE do not walk through another resident’s space when walking around the park. Driving through an unoccupied space is not permitted because it can cause damage to underground utilities. Bicycles and golf carts must follow the same rules. Violators will be responsible for repair costs.
  • The Library is for the use of all residents. Books may be checked out for an unlimited time, but they must be returned before you leave the park. Videos and DVD’s are available for rent. Donations of Paperback Books or Videos, that are in good condition are accepted, but we do not “trade” books. We do not accept hard back book donations.
  • You may wash your car or unit ONCE at the start of your stay and ONCE at the end of your stay. All washing must be done on the gravel at your site NOT on the street.
  • If you want to add any additions to your unit, (awnings, porches, decks, AZ rooms, sheds, carports, etc.) you must have permission from Management. Most additions will require a permit from the County. NO cement work will be allowed without written permission from Management and residents must submit plans for review.
  • The ice machine, by the library, is for resident’s use only. Please limit your use to two scoops. Under NO circumstances are you to fill ice chests from this machine. Canyon State has a water machine by the Recreation Hall and Laundry. The machines accept U.S. coins ONLY.
  • All renters must follow established rules and show a photo ID upon check -in. There is admin fee due at check-in time.
  • The front security gate will be open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. “A ” row gate will be open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Residents will receive a remote control or a code to operate the security gate. The resident will be responsible for letting your guests, repairmen, etc. IN or OUT when the gate is closed. DO NOT give the CODE to anyone. Emergency vehicles have access to the park. Use the utmost care when operating the gates because the park does not assume any liability for your actions when operating the gate.
  • OFFICE HOURS: Oct. 1st–Apr. 15th Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – Noon, closed Sunday and Holidays. April 15th – April 30th Monday – Saturday 9:00am – Noon. May 1st – Oct. 1st Monday – Saturday: 10:00am – Noon. Closed Sunday and Holidays. If the Office is closed and you need assistance, please call the number on the Office Door (928-783-8414).
  • CABLE TV: You can arrange for Cable TV – Internet or Telephone, at your unit, by calling Spectrum 928-272-0110, located at 1289 S. 2nd Ave., Yuma, AZ.
  • INTERNET: Wi-Fi is available in the main Rec. Hall and it is Password protected. During Bingo, Dinners, and Dances access the Wi-Fi on the patio outside the Rec. Hall.
  • MAIL: The Office distributes all incoming mail, Monday – Saturday except Sundays and Holidays, for the park residents, except mobile homes. We will NOT accept or put mail in your box for anyone not living in the park. The mail is put in the mail boxes Monday through Saturday. The OUTGOING MAIL box is located by the Bulletin Board at the back of the Office. The Office will not sign for registered/certified mail. We sort the mail by space # so please inform your correspondents to do the same. When leaving the park at the end of the season we require self-adhesive forwarding labels. If you do not leave labels in the Office, your mail will be returned to the sender. The Yuma Post Office WILL NOT forward mail for RV spaces. If you do not have labels the Office Staff can make them for a small fee. Postage Stamps are available in the Office on a first come, first serve basis.
  • ELECTRICITY: Electric meters in the RV section are read the first of each month and your electric bill will be put in your mailbox. Your Electric Bill is due within six (6) days of the date on the Invoice or Late Charges will be incurred.
  • COFFEE HOUR: Coffee hour is every Monday at 9:00 am except for Pancake Breakfast days. Please bring your own cup. Coffee, Tea and Pastries are available for a nominal fee. Park announcements are made at this time.
  • RURAL METRO: Rural Metro provides Fire protection and EMERGENCY Health care, by subscription, to the park because we are outside the city limits. The rates are very reasonable, and we strongly recommend that you have this protection, especially if you leave your unit here during the off season or have a mobile home. If you do not subscribe to Rural Metro and you need their services, it will cost you 17 times the yearly rate regardless of who makes the call. This is not insurance and you are not covered for this service by any of your current insurance policies. Contact Rural Metro: 928-782-4757, 2029 S. Arizona Ave., Yuma, AZ.
  • MESSAGES: Telephone messages will be put in your mail box between 9:00am and 4:00pm unless it is an emergency which we will deliver to your unit.
  • MAIL KEY: If you lose your Mail Key it will cost you $20 to have a new key made.
  • The Craft Hall and Rec.: Hall are available for private functions on an “as available” basis. Check with the Activity Office to schedule one of the Halls.
  • GARBAGE: As a courtesy garbage is picked up on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Residents must provide their own garbage cans with lids. Place your garbage, with TIED bags inside, at the edge of the street the night before pickup. Garbage will not be picked up if the bags are not securely tied.
  • Please DO NOT contact Staff Member’s at or direct people to a Staff Member’s home. Park business is conducted in the Office during business hours.
We welcome you to contact us with any questions or to make a reservation


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