Telegraph Pass Trail near Yuma

August 30, 2019

Friendly Acres RV Resort is near Telegraph Pass Trail. Why do we mention that? We, suspect you’ve come to Yuma to breathe some of that fresh, clean desert air and you may also want to stretch your legs.

Well…maybe “stretching your legs” is a bit on the modest side. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, Yuma has a great place to do that.

Telegraph Pass Trail

Telegraph Pass Trail is near Yuma and you’ll find a variety of options for activities. The main one of course, is going to be walking the pass. The best time of the year is coming up on us, with October being the beginning and March the other bookend.

The trail is 5.3 miles long and boasts an elevation of 1,404 feet. It is a loop, so you won’t be seeing the exact same thing on the way back as you did on the way out.

About the Trail

This isn’t a rare find of a trail, however. It is well known and heavily trafficked. It’s classed as a moderate level of difficulty where you can take the time to smell the wildflowers on the way.

You’ll find plenty of parking at the beginning of the trail. Part of the trail is a bit rocky, but much of it is paved. You’ll find a beautiful view from the top that makes it particularly worth your while to hike the trail.

About Friendly Acres RV Resort

Friendly Acres RV Resort, in Yuma, Arizona, and near Telegraph Pass Trail has been known since 1971 as a desirable retirement destination. We offer big rig access as well as pull-thru sites with water and sewer as well as 50/30 electric service. While a large portion of our residents are permanent, you’ll find plenty of space in a warm, welcoming community. Reserve your spot at

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